Cutter C20
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Cutter C20

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The C20 and C35 Z models are ideal cutting machines for small food producers and laboratory tests.

Cutter C20
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Totally made in stainless steel. Hygienic ; simple lines and smooth surfaces for an easy cleaning.

With safety devices : emergency stop and knife brake.

Maintenance free.

Press-button operation makes the machines easy to use, and their robustness guarantees a long working life.

The two cutter speeds and the two bowl speeds mean they can be adjusted to provide the exact treatment required by each product, perfect cutting and mixing with fresh meat, big cutting fineness and excellent emulsion with cooked meat, good cutting without loss of juices and properties with vegetables and fruits.

Standard accessories: 3 knives, 1 set of keys for knife assembly.

Optional accessories: Thermometer, table pour C20, 6 knives for C35.