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DISKUS junior

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Slicing bread lubrication-free while cutting costs

DISKUS junior
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The introductory model, DISKUS junior, allows you to become acquainted with oil-free cutting. This machine, which can be used for all types of bread, has three cutting thicknesses (8, 10, 12 mm/ 3/10", 2/5", 47/100") the operator can set up according to the customer's requirement. This machine, which has been developed as an alternative to the reciprocating slicer, takes up very little space.

Economic efficiency
Universal slicing machine: cuts all bread types (even oven-fresh) without blade lubrication
Clean, lubrication-free cuts
Extremely space-saving: space requirement of a reciprocating slicer
3 cutting thicknesses, the operator can set up (8, 10, 12 mm/ 3/10" ,2/5",47/100")
Long-term use of circular blade thanks to special grinding finish
Cleaning and operator comfort
Open, easy to clean design
Direct accessibility to blade area for cleaning and for changing the blade