Cutters are a type of machine used in the food industry. They grind products down to a smaller size. They are mainly used for producing sausages in meat-packing plants. They can also substitute for mixers or meat grinders. Moreover, some models are used in confectionary for preparing fillings and fruit or vegetable purees, for kneading dough, and for whipping eggs. In large enterprises, generally vacuum plants are installed. These plants ensure that products retain their maximum nutritional value.

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In a consumer study carried out by EUFIC, we investigated the understanding of processed foods among participants from the UK. This Q&A summarises the topics explored in the study.
Milk is an important source of protein in our diet. Did you know that raw milk may be harmful due to bacteria which causes foodborne illnesses?
Whereas vegan food, local ingredients, build-your-own dishes, and snack-sized bites were still very much a thing, lockdown cravings also included a lot of comfort food, like mac and cheese, burgers, and noodles, and desserts. Consumers also cooked more home meals, a trend which restaurants inserted themselves into by selling meal kits and family packs. So what can we expect this year? Here are 5 trends that are sure to start popping up on plates (or in delivery bags) in 2021
The year 2020 was a terrible year which affected millions of lives and livelihoods. The outbreak and spread of COVID-19 pandemic had a devastating impact on the businesses across the globe, setting forth a cascading chain of events that has halted the global economy