About us

Oborud.com is a unique trading platform where you can offer your food process equipment openly to a large number of potential buyers.

The trading platform specializes in equipment for the food industry. The marketplace brings together buyers and sellers from different countries. This is guaranteed to allow you to find buyers for your equipment or sellers of what you are looking for.

The size of a company that can advertise its products on the site is unlimited: this site has space for both equipment manufacturers for large companies or even factory lines, as well as manufacturers and sellers of equipment for small trade or catering establishments.

The marketplace brings together different companies from different countries so that buyers can find the equipment they need in one place, and a large selection of equipment guarantees that you will also find the best price!

Advertise your equipment, receive inquiries from interested potential buyers, or find the contacts of the supplier of the equipment you have been looking for!

Welcome to Oborud.com!