Storage tanks and containers are among the types of equipment used in the food industry.
They are used to store products and they also serve for such processes as fermentation and aging.
They ensure that raw foodstuffs maintain their freshness and quality, that they are protected from mold, rodents, moisture, and environmental impacts, and that they maintain a required temperature. They are also used in the making of drinks, wine, dairy products, honey, juices, kvass, beer, and other products. If necessary, they can be equipped with temperature sensors, heating or cooling devices, and an air-circulation system.

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Pasteurization, named after the renowned scientist Louis Pasteur, is a critical process widely used in the food industry to ensure the safety and quality of various products.
Cooking pots are versatile and can be used for a wide range of food processing tasks. The specific recipes and dishes you can prepare using cooking pots are virtually endless.
This industry is actively developing despite the fact that it is an unconventional product for Europe. Peanut butter is very useful for a healthy lifestyle, its popularity is constantly growing. The production of paste can be provided by just one installation - a colloid mill.
In the catering industry, there are many types of equipment that help optimize food preparation processes. One such useful device is the tabletop conveyor fryer. In this article, we will look at the benefits of using such equipment in restaurants, hotels, catering and street food businesses.