Baby food

A significant volume of the baby food market is occupied by powdered milk formulas.

Powdered infant formula is made from milk or whey and various nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and probiotics are added. Depending on the manufacturer and type of mixture, different combinations of ingredients may be used.

What equipment is needed for the production of dry milk formulas?

For the production of baby food, in addition to equipment for the production of dry milk formulas, separators, pasteurizers, homogenizers, evaporators, ingredients, packaging, water treatment equipment, as well as various devices and tools for cooking are also needed.

How should raw materials be prepared for the production of dry milk formulas?

For the production of powdered milk formulas, raw materials must be of high quality and pass many tests for compliance with standards. Milk and whey go through a process of pasteurization and homogenization to kill bacteria and ensure a homogeneous mixture. Then the resulting liquid is dried, which leads to the production of a powder for dry milk mixtures.

What equipment is required for this?

For drying the resulting liquid, special equipment is used - dryers. There are several types of dryers, including drum dryers and spray dryers. The production of powdered milk formulas may also require equipment for dosing and mixing ingredients, as well as for packaging finished products.

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