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Linear Volumetric Filler

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Simple principle: volumetric filling using piston which are mechanically controlled by synchronised cams

New product


The Canfill filler is flexible, precise and perfectly adapted to the constraints of filling with complex products. Its unmatched robustness has proved itself over several years with major players in the canning industry.


Conclusive benefits


  • Versatility: The Canfill filler can handle a wide variety of textures: thick or pasty, homogenous or with pieces (measuring up to 60x40x40mm).
  • Respect of the product: Product integrity is respected. The product retains its texture and is not damaged in any way. The proportions of pieces to liquid are taken into account and there is no product separation.
  • Optimal efficiency: mechanically designed, the filler guarantees an output level of around 98%.