Piston filler 2-100 ml P 100
  • Piston filler 2-100 ml P 100
  • Piston filler 2-100 ml P 100

Piston filler 2-100 ml P 100


The piston liquid dispenser is a semi-automatic filler used for dosing of a variety of low viscosity liquids in the range from water to oil.

New product


Fillers have been designed and manufactured to supply any kind of product in the following areas: Food, chemical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The product is introduced through the suction system into the dosing chamber. Once the desired amount has been reached, the piston begins to push the product out through the outlet valve and nozzle. Depending on the product in which the chamber is filled, different valves can be changed on the machine.

On the back of the filler is a handwheel that determines the volume of the product for a model range of between 2 and 100 ml. O-rings and gaskets are manufactured in food grade PTFE and silicone for food products or in PTFE S / steel, FKM or, EPDM for chemicals and cosmetics. All other parts in contact with the product are made of AISI 316 L with stainless steel. All joints are equipped with a triple clamp as they are used in the pharmaceutical industry. For this reason, the operator does not need any tool for dismantling the cleaner or technical inspection. The filling accuracy is +/- 1%

Suction and dosing speed can be controlled by 2 air pressure regulators. All our machines are CE certified. The machine is completely pneumatic and needs compressed air 6 bar (we also recommend 80/100 liters air compressor)

Technical description

Dosing Pneumatic Filling Machine - Dose from 2 to 100 ml.

AISI 316 L s / steel. PTFE sealing. 3 way 0.5 "nozzle for chemical solutions AISI 316 L s / steel, PEEK obturator, PTFE and FKM gaskets 0.5 "S / STEEL NOZZLE Diameter 7/5 mm with product diffuser, AISI 316 L s / steel Fittings - AISI 316 L S / steel and PTFE gaskets D.18 / 21 hose end cap, AISI 316 L s / steel


  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Mixed