FAM Centris 315
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FAM Centris 315

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    FAM Centris™ 315 is the new reference for great cut quality in different shapes and sizes.

FAM Centris 315


    The lightweight stainless steel cutting head (patent pending) radically improves centrifugal slicing and shredding.

    The Centris™ 315 is available as a stand-alone machine.

    Food and operator safety is a priority for the FAM Centris™ 315

    The Centris 315 is easy in maintenance and use, resulting in a very low operating cost.

    A reliable and low-maintenance direct drive system instead of an expensive, high-maintenance gearbox.


The product is fed through the infeed chute and enters the rotating impeller. Centrifugal force pushes the product against the inside of the stationary cutting head where the impeller paddles guide it through each of the 12 cutting stations.


Slices or shreds are produced as the product passes each knife in a smooth and uninterrupted manner. Length is determined by the input product size.


The interchangeable cutting heads offer flexibility in different cut shapes and sizes, for cutting slices as well as shreds.