Turbo Shredding machine
  • Turbo Shredding machine
  • Turbo Shredding machine

Turbo Shredding machine

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The machine is the flexible and powerful result of a concept in which easy cleaning, working safety and simple operation are the focal points. 



The machine has stood the test of the though working conditions this special field and it meets the exacting hygiene requirements of the cheese processing industry.


Machine specification - advantages

- Timing belt drive

between gear and grating drum: no heat transmission from gear to grating drum no diminution of cheese quality.

- Case made of stainless steel

Impervious to detergents: allows optimal hygiene conditions.

- Swing-type charging funnel/grating drum cap easily removable. No tool required for removing the grating drum cap: Quick and simple exchange of the grating drum,very easy to clean

- Pneumatic unit (option)

Recommended for extra-hard cheese e.g. Parmesan. Inclusive of maintenance unit with charcoal filler and air-blowing nozzles: Blow-out of ground cheese from the grating surface holes, thus high working safety, cooling of the grating surface, thus consistant quality of the grated cheese. It is also possible to use a neutral gas instead of air to prevent surface oxidation of the grated cheese.


  • Made from: Stainless steel