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Table top model. Compact and Effective.

The space-saving PCE 65 T Steak Cutter offers high cutting capacity. With its simple design and easy handling, you can cut products up to 650 mm long. Ideal for butchers, supermarkets and industrial kitchens.

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MHS multi purpose cutters are made of stainless steel. Their design and technology offer a high-quality cut with minimal product losses. Noteworthy are their versatility, hygiene and profitability.
Ideal for cutting: red meat with and without bones (beef, pork, ovine), bacon, Saxony steaks and fish.
Two slicing modes: continuous and step by step.
The grippers are easily detachable for cleaning and adaptable to different products in order to properly grip and leave minimal product waste.
Retraction of the product holders to the preselected point, saving working time.
Precise cutting thanks to special MHS micro-serrated blades.
Optional output belt for all models.
Complies with EC regulations.