EC17 Cheese Profile Cutter
  • EC17 Cheese Profile Cutter
  • EC17 Cheese Profile Cutter
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EC17 Cheese Profile Cutter

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The EC17 efficiently reduces blocks of cheese into loaves.

EC17 Cheese Profile Cutter
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The EC17 efficiently reduces blocks of cheese into loaves. The machine is ideally suited as a pre-cutter for applications such as cheese slicing and cheese portion cutting. The operator positions blocks of cheese against the backstop on the infeed belt. The cheese advances into the cutting chamber when the machine is available. Blocks are automatically centered for even cut distribution and then pushed through a quick-change wire cutting harp. When enabled, the auto-halving mechanism also centers the horizontal wire. A dedicated push-off mechanism denests one layer at a time. A robot picks individual loaves, orients the cheese with the cut side down and releases them. Some applications require the cheese to be released as a single loaf while other applications need a new pattern to be built before releasing a batch of cheese.

  • Block centralizing for consistent loaves
  • Auto-halving for tall cheese blocks
  • Simple automatic operation
  • Quick-change cutting sets
  • Integrated trim collection
  • Robotically orient cut loaves


  • Cycles per Minute: 5 seconds per cut
  • Maximum Cut Chamber: 180 x 300 x 500mm / 7 x 12 x 20″
  • Pneumatic: 6 bar / 90 psi
  • Number of Cut Stages: 1
  • Block Auto-Halving: Yes – servo optional
  • Auto Denesting: Yes with loaf singulation
  • Cycle Start: Automatic with Conveyor Infeed
  • Electrical: 415 – 575 VAC
  • Block Auto-Centering: Yes
  • Trim Option: Side / Top
  • Actuator Power: Pneumatic – servo optional