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FAM Lifis.2

Contract price

    The FAM Lifis™.2 delivers a very competitive cost of ownership.

FAM Lifis.2


    Extremely reliable performer for a very demanding high capacity market.

    Operator-friendly to program and flexible in many different applications.

    Fully focused on superior sanitation and high machine safety.

    Highly efficient machine design resulting in low maintenance and easy accessbility.


The product slides onto 2 conveyor belts positioned in the V-shaped feed channel ensuring automatic positioning and high-speed transport of the product to the cutting wheel.


The thin and tensioned knives of the cutting wheel act as spokes and support the rim. The thin knives are twisted in order to make a uniform pitch from the hub to the rim.

It is this pitch that maintains the continuous speed of the product while it is being sliced resulting in maximum slice thickness accuracy.

The conveyor belt speed is synchronized with the cutting wheel speed to ensure proper advance of the product per revolution of the cutting wheel.


In addition the FAM Lifis™.2 can cut your leafy vegetables in small squares by postioning small 2D-knives transversely on the cutting wheel.