ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine
  • ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine
  • ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine
  • ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine
  • ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine
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ES 135 Automatic cheese cutting machine

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The new machine generation by HAJEK, designed for cutting of round and square cheese loaves into strips, complies with the lates hygiene and safety requirements as per ISO 9001 and CE.



Moreover, HAJEK's concept of balcony construction (driving elements separated from the product slide) was persistently pursued.

The high flexibility of the operating sequences and cutting data is provided by the programmable electronic control, a well-proved core piece which receives special attention by the HAJEK technicians.

Great efforts were made with regard to an easy control and operation. The setting of the cutting data, f.ex., is based on most simple, logical criteria. The high flexibility of our company, demonstrated again in this new machine generation, enables us to realize your special wishes and requirements.

To reach an optimum capacity and cutting accuracy for the various cheese qualities, shapes and dimensions, the machine can be extended by a number of accessories which emerged from practical experience:
  • Drive motors with variable speed to ensure the maximum working speed for the respective product
  • The patented cutting angle adjustment of the cutting edge ensures a perfectly straight cut also of the first and end pieces
  • If combined with the cutting angle adjustment, the cutting edge can be swivelled out to both sides to facilitate the cleaning.
  • Elimination of first and en pieces.
  • Countertipping device for cheese loaves to have the first halfof the cut strips be also lying on the long cutting face.
  • Lengthwise strip alignment for a betterrectangular further processing.
  • Automatic charging by means of conveying belt or unstacking device
  • The Optimat programme provides for an optimum exploitation of loaves with different diameters by input of a width tolerance of the strips.