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extruCut 9k

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All of our systems are manufactured in a compact design. Our latest models are equipped with integrated electronics, Siemens Simatic and a servo control.

New product


The EXTRUCUT 9K - a highly flexible platform
    a globally unique drive system
    hygiene optimized using only one helical mount
    exchangeable worm casing
    operation and discharge occurs on the same site:
    therefore loading up is possible from three sides
    servo operated drive concept
New, revolutionary cutting systems
    Cutting system without knives and discs.
    Therefore no metal abrasion; almost no wear.
    Rejection of foreign objects such as cartilages, residual bones,-fractions, sinews and rinds, plastics, and other foreign objects.
    Depending on the hole size, an output of up to 100% can be achieved.

Meat cutter
    meat cutter for all kinds of meats.
    Processing of slightly frozen blocks of up to -2°C to -3°C possible.
    Loading of the grinder with ramp (for standard cutter trolleys), with conveyor or with big-box loading.

Digital control for easy operation
    Pictograms (self-explaning).
    Permanent logging of current; upon request temperature logging with direct wifi connection to visualize the information on your computer.
    Reduction of service costs by wifi and direct access on PC.
    Program parameters can be adjusted.
    Complete operation through the control-panel. Exceptions: ON/OFF, Reset and Emergency Stop.
    Automatic dry-run protection in case the meat supply is stopped.

  Machine dimensions
LxTxH in kg
Voltage Recommended
Internal protection Recommended
cable diameter for
machine connection
per hour/power
consumption in kW
extruCut 9k 3.500 x 1.850 x 2.400 mm /
ca. 2.900 kg
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz Europe
60 Hz American / 3 pH
3 Ph + N + PE
125 A
A3 + N + PE 120A 5 x 35 mm² 6.5 - 9 Tonnen /
55 kW