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The Jet SeriesTM offers the highly accurate, high capacity, high yielding, water cutting solution you are seeking.

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With the growing demand for increased volume, MP Equipment developed and released the first 8 XY cutter machine the industry has ever seen. With 8 XY cutters, intelligent cut paths, and a wide production belt, the MegaJet™ is our highest volume water cutter. The MegaJet™ has all the features IntelliJet™ customers have grown to expect such as, the fully integrated on-board pump, state of the art camera system, windows operating system, and touch screen controls. The MegaJet™ also comes fully upgraded with SureLok™ door lock upgrades, and the PES Flex Hose assembly. The MegaJet™ is ideal for customers who want to portion over 15,000 pounds per hour, need to cut product to keep further processing lines full, want to ensure a high quality product for their customers, or need to replace outdated water cutters in their plant. The MegaJet™ as all the cut applications that a user could dream of or desire.

The Jet SeriesTM offers the highly accurate, high capacity, high yielding, water cutting solution you are seeking.


With the utilization of the most current camera and scanning technology available, the Jet SeriesTM machines provide accuracy to meet even the most difficult specifications. This coupled with the precisionary servo control system allows you to rest assured that your product is being cut accurately all day, every day.


The protein industry is becoming extremely competitive and the need to fully utilize raw materials has never been more critical. Fortunately for you, the Jet SeriesTM has a variety of high yielding opportunities. Additionally, with over 250 years of portioning experience, the MP Equipment team is dedicated to optimizing meat utilization.


MP Equipment understands the growing demand of keeping high capacity further processing lines full and increasing the pounds per man-hour at your facility. With those thoughts in mind, the Jet SeriesTM was designed to provide extremely high volumes. With belts up to 36” wide, the availability of 8 XY cutters, and intelligent cut paths the Jet SeriesTM provides users with the opportunity to cut tens of thousands of pounds per hour.

With 250 plus years of water cutting experience, MP Equipment understands what type of features and options are truly advantageous to you as an operator in a processing facility and have eliminated some of the headaches that are commonly associated with water cutting.

The Jet SeriesTM comes fully equipped with features that both make operation easier and cost of ownership considerable lower. All advantages and cost-savings are standard on all machines in the Jet SeriesTM product line.


  • High capacity Water Cutter
    • 8XY Cutter configuration available
    • Extended cutting envelope
    • Intelligent cut paths
    • Automatic speed control on all axes
  • Fully integrated High Pressure Pump
    • Reduction in high pressure plumbing
    • One point connections for power and water
    • Critical points monitoring on machine
  • State of the art single camera per lane technology
  • Dual touch screens
  • Windows based Operating System
    • Simplified User Controls
    • Production monitoring and tending
  • Reliable non-obsolete Servo System
  • Complimentary software upgrades for life of machine.
  • Online remote trouble shooting

Reductions in Operating Cost

  • Stainless Steel components (Servo Motors, A/C Unit, High Pressure Pump)
  • Improved flexible high pressure “coil” design
    • Improved flexibility
    • Reduced downtime
    • Fewer support components and parts
  • Mechanical SureLokTM door lock safety system
    • Increased Safety
    • Fewer Electrical components
  • Simple Gearbox design
    • Fewer components
    • Simplifies repairs
  • No specialty computer components
  • Durable thick blue infeed belt
  • Dependable conveyor drive system

Benefits & Features

  • Integrated side hanging harvesting conveyors
  • Angle nozzles available for tapered appearance
  • Professional assistance with product development
  • 90,000psi high pressure pump system available
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Complimentary installation support and week of start-up assistance

Power Requirements: 480V 3PH 250Amp

Water Requirements: 80psi filtered @ 8gpm

Air Requirements: 90 - 100 psi clean dry air

Hydraulic Fluid: 100 gallons