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Accurate batching with reduced giveaway

  • Creates accurate fixed-weight batches
  • Raises efficiency by reducing the need for rework
  • High throughput, up to 30 batches per minute
  • Can make batches up to 2 kg


Reduces rework

In most packing processes, rework of underweight or overweight packs is necessary to avoid penalties and giveaway. The Marel TargetBatcher is an efficient and compact solution to most rework problems, making the entire process less labor-intensive.

Quick and accurate

With seven high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins, the TargetBatcher is able to select the best combination of products in a fraction of a second.

Real-time monitoring with Innova

Innova software provides a full overview of all aspects of the batching process and its results. The user can see and change the program and products running on the batcher, as well as make reports on critical factors such as giveaway and efficiency.