Worktable W1/W2
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Worktable W1/W2

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W1/W2 are flexible independent attachments to extrusion lines, capable of producing of wide range of inovative, sophisticated products.

Worktable W1/W2



  • conveyor with belt speed regulation, product transfer unit, pneumatically operated
  • PLC unit to synchronize the worktable with extrusion line, incl. encoder
  • cutting station, heated, temperature control
  • stainless steel frame

Dynamic stick inserter:

  • Gentle inserting at sync movement
  • Pneumatic or servo synchronisation
  • 2-3-4 wide stick inserters

Multilayer extrusion station:

  • 4-8 extruders for miltulayer products
  • 2-4 chocolate sprayers
  • Heated choco vat

W2 rotary head:

  • 2 rotary heads
  • 3 colours (1 x cental + 2 x rotary colours)
  • Ice cream/water ice combination

Transfer and cutting station:

  • Pneumatic transfer unit
  • Cutting station with heated blade
  • Easy adjustable