Air Cooling Conveyor with Multi Air Knife CAC W
  • Air Cooling Conveyor with Multi Air Knife CAC W
  • Air Cooling Conveyor with Multi Air Knife CAC W
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Air Cooling Conveyor with Multi Air Knife CAC W

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Air cooling conveyor with MULTI AIR KNIFE is a system for  intensive removing excess water or oil and preliminary cooling.

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The Normit series CAC air-cooling conveyors are designed for intensive cooling and removing (water, oil) of the products after frying, cooking or blanching, using air blown at an ambient temperature.


The Normit CAC ambient air-cooling conveyors effectively reduce the product temperature (in most cases in just a few seconds), immediately stopping their cooking. The product is cooled to a temperature suitable for packaging.

The design of the cooling conveyors ensures optimal air distribution across the whole area of the conveyor mesh. A high performance industrial fan with power controls is set at the bottom of the conveyor and is included in the basic scoop of supply.

Dwell time is regulated via a frequency inventor. The design of the air conveyor´s coolers is convenient for maintenance and inspection. High efficiency minimizes its energy footprint and it is easy to integrate into any production line.

CAC ambient air-cooling conveyors are made completely of food grade stainless steel AISI304 / AISI316L or with PVC belt.

The width of the cooling conveyor is determined by the width of the heat treatment equipment. The height of product loading and unloading is determined by the customer.

For pre-cooling and removal of excess oil, water, and particulates of starch, it is recommended to supplement the air cooler with use of the Air Knife section.