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extruCut 5k

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All of our systems are manufactured in a compact design. Our latest models are equipped with integrated electronics, Siemens Simatic and a servo control.

New product


Our cutting systems are equipped with a new, property rights protected meat-separation system. This system is revolutionary and unique
in the industry. When grinding, cartilages, bone pieces and bone fragments, sinews, rinds, plastics, and other foreign
substances are completely rejected. During this process, the product temperature increases max. 1-3°C. Our separation
system has almost no wear; the tooling requires a grinding service after 10,000t.

  Machine dimensions
LxTxH in kg
Voltage Recommended
Internal protection Recommended
cable diameter for
machine connection
per hour/power
consumption in kW
extruCut 5k 3.500 x 1.850 x 2.400 mm /
ca. 2.900 kg
3 x 400 V / 50 Hz Europe
60 Hz American / 3 pH
3 Ph + N + PE
125 A
A3 + N + PE 120A 5 x 35 mm² 5 - 7 Tonnen /
55 kW