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The AlvéoForm allows obtaining superb baguettes with the rounded bottom and sides without marks unlike straight dough cut system.



    ATOUPAINS Divider-Shaper has the same characteristics as the Div-X Divider-Shaper.

    The main difference lies in the patented and exclusive Alveoform system.

    The  Alveoform system provides very nice baguettes with a well rounded reverse and leaves no marks on the sides unlike other slicing systems with a straight slicing.

    To create an impression of manual moulding, the Alveoform system picks the dough so as to slice it properly.

    The Alveoform system is made of a 10 baguettes wavy tray and a special V-grid.

    This system makes beautiful, airy, artisan baguettes. The ATOUPAINS Divider-Shaper allows you to use cold fermentation method and bake fresh bread all day long.



    Same benefits in terms of easy cleaning, hygiene and longevity as hydraulic divider, because divider-shaper ATOUPAINS is based on the same technical specifications.

    The most important difference between Div-X and ATOUPAINS is the Alveoform system, available only with ATOUPAINS, moulding very nice, hand-shaped looking baguettes. 

    The divider-shaper ATOUPAINS has a grid holder including a grid storage system: up to 4 grids always nearby. The grid-holder also has a transparent hood so that the operator can see through. The operator is safe (hands can not be trapped) and can clearly see how the dough reacts during dividing and shaping operations. Variopress® system included: the operator can change pressure according to dough type.

    More than 30 grid models available within MERANDs' grids range to allow greater creativity and quickly have dough pieces divided and shaped according to your needs (sandwiches, small breads, rustic breads, ciabatta...)