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IN 900 Vari

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Induction range with electric height regulation


Electric height regulation
The electric variable height adjustment, enabling the user by push button to adjust the working height in a few seconds.

Round induction zones
Traditional round induction zones are designed for use with one pot/pan per zone. The cooking zone has a power output of 5 kW and a diameter of 27 cm. It is activated by pots with a diameter of over 12 cm and is therefore ideal for the vast majority of pot sizes.

Floating induction
Induction with full area coils enables a few large or many smaller pots/pans to be used on the cooking range. This makes full area induction ideal for cooking large portions or for use in, for example, special diet kitchens, or à
la carte, where a large number of small portions must be prepared.

The versions with full area induction have many advantages and the cooking range thus combines fast and economical heating with the flexible use of the cooking area characteristic of a heavy duty hotplate. With full area induction, a cooking capacity is achieved which with either traditional hotplates or round induction zones would require many more hotplates and a correspondingly larger area.

A full area cooking zone measures 300x290 mm and is divided into two fields. Each field has its own pot sensor, so that a small pot will only activate one half of the zone, while a large one will activate the entire zone, which provides an output of 7 kW.

Industrial glass-ceramic cook-top
The 6 mm thick glass-ceramic plate is fitted flush with the stainless top plate of the cooking range, providing a practical and protective frame on all sides.

This means that pots can easily be moved around the entire hotplate, enabling pots and other cookware to be put to one side.

Energy saving heating technology for ranges
Induction is the most energy-efficient of the known technologies for ranges and gives major energy savings compared with other heating methods.

Induction generates heat directly in the bottom of the pot and no energy is therefore used to heat the glass-ceramic plate, nor is energy used when the pot is removed from the induction zone. This reduces heat radiation and heat loss to the surroundings considerably.

As a result you will achieve a better working environment and also have financial benefits, as the need for ventilation in the kitchen is reduced considerably.

With optimal cookware, induction is up to 90% efficient and with 7 kW coils, 1 litre of water is heated to boiling point in less than 1 minute. The heating power is adjusted continuously variable and adjustments affect the temperature of the pot’s contents immediately.