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Fish Cookor

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State-of-the-art engineering and unsurpassed performance in a cooker built specifically for fish processing.



Better design means better product quality
- The cooker shaft’s shallow flight design promotes uniform temperature throughout the cooking zone for a more consistent,
high-quality product. It also enhances oil, water and solids separation downstream of the cooker.
- Small product volume in the cooker allows quick, precise operating adjustments for optimal product quality. An optional variable speed
discharge pump and adjustable outlet valve also improve product level control.
Easier to operate, easier to maintain
- A split packing box and seal gland allows bearing and seal service without the time consuming removal of shaft and bearing assemblies.
- The robust shaft is designed to be supported at the ends only—no high-maintenance center support bearing is required.
- Top access doors are counterweighted to enhance operator convenience and safety, and make inspection and cleaning of internal
surfaces quicker and less labor intensive.
Engineered to perform and built to last
- The Dupps Fish Cookor features an indirect steam heated shaft and shell. Indirect steam can be returned to the boiler without chemical treatment, and no direct steam injection means less evaporation load on the entire system.
- Unlike other cookers, the Dupps Fish Cookor is designed, fabricated, and tested to ASME Code specifications.