Vacuum tuna cooker Tunivac®
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Vacuum tuna cooker Tunivac®

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Cooker designed for automatic and programmed cooking of tuna or similar fish in with cooking and cooling under vacuum.



The type of cooking and the equipment used are key factors to improve the quality of the product and to reduce its final cost. In order to minimize losses during the process, there are several variables that should be considered like reducing the oxidation, dry skin and moisture control during the cooking process that will allow a significant economic saving.

The TUNIVAC® tuna cooker makes the difference. Its advanced design and control system for variables and critical points that allows flexibility and optimization of the treatment for different species and fish sizes.

Flexible cooking system

Through a simple operation, selectable operating arrangements allow an efficient combination of vacuum parameters, chamber temperatures, bones temperature and humidity.

The cooker removes the oxygen existing in the chamber, significantly reducing the oxidation of the fish. A vacuum based on the Venturi effect creates an effective depression in the treatment chamber.

During cooking, the humidity in the chamber can be efficiently controlled automatically through the sprayers installed and distributed in an appropriate way throughout the chamber.

Easy management of pre-established thermal processes through the creation of recipes and almost unlimited storage possibilities.

Possibility of cooking by time with programmed temperature, pressure and humidity ramps.

All process parameters are monitored and stored in an inviolable format.

Vacuum system and dual cooling

The cooling of the cooker is produced by the absorption of heat across the vacuum system. The PLC (using the control algorithm) allows adjusting and controlling the humidity of fish during this phase, optimizing the result to the product needs.

An ejector installed on the top of the machine acts as vacuum pump using steam as the engine fluid.

A perfect vacuum / spray combination in the treatment chamber driven by the control systems installed in the TUNIVAC will allow a perfect result.

Supplied with EC certificate.