High Capacity Automatic Smoke Oven
  • High Capacity Automatic Smoke Oven
  • High Capacity Automatic Smoke Oven
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High Capacity Automatic Smoke Oven

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QZX1000 Smoke House (smoke oven) is specially used in large scale production with capacity maximum 1000kg per batch. It realizes high capacity production by putting four trolleys together into the smoke house one time, and energy will be saved in this way. Operator can set the parameters according to different products and the formulas will be remembered by the machine for next time conversion.



Features and Advantages
--- The interlayer of the main machine frame is filled with imported high temperature resistant polyurethane frothing material which is able to guarantee good heat preservation, airtightness, energy saving and high efficiency.
--- Key electric components of automatic smoke oven such as touch screen, programmable controller, relay and electromagnetic valve etc are all used brand products.
--- Large man-machine interface visually shows the equipment operation and is easy at any time in the running to adjust the operation parameters such as time, temperature, humidity and ventilation etc.
--- Front and back gate opening for the convenient entry and exit of sausage trolley at production (Option).
---With excellent fuming and circulating system, the smoke in the oven can be evenly distributed to make meat products uniform color and a higher yield rate.
--- Formulas for different products can be memorized and stored, maximum 99 or even more if needed.
--- precision temperature monitoring inside and outside of sausage.
--- Reasonable design of varies of ventilation systems for small volume and larger capacity smokehouse.
--- Separate smoke generator and steam generator device.