Electric Oven - EL. 07
  • Electric Oven - EL. 07
  • Electric Oven - EL. 07
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Electric Oven - EL. 07

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Fixed deck static oven. Particularly suitable for large baking workshops.

Electric Oven - EL. 07
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Fixed deck static oven

Particularly suitable for large baking workshops
Equipped with large baking capacity
Electric heated
Independent baking chambers
Available in multiple configurations

  • Usable chamber width: 70 cm
  • Usable chamber depth: 160/200 cm (depending on the model)
  • Electric heated
  • Available with 3 or 4 chambers versions

Oven complete with:

  • Independent baking chambers
  • Upper chamber with usable internal height of 23 cm
  • Refractory baking stone plates made of fiberglass
  • High-performance armoured heating elements
  • Digital electronic microprocessor controller
  • Programmable switch and economizer
  • New humidifier sized for abundant steam supply
  • Motorized steam suction hood
  • Manual valve for steam excess exhaust
  • Tempered glass doors
  • Stainless steel front