ConVec - Convection tunnel oven
  • ConVec - Convection tunnel oven
  • ConVec - Convection tunnel oven
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ConVec - Convection tunnel oven

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The ideal combination of convection heating and static air to broil, brown or bake products in trays with a perfect “gratiné” appearance.

ConVec - Convection tunnel oven
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A Convection oven designed to improve appearance and value of your preparations

Our ConVec module is a convection tunnel oven which acts like a roasting unit and adds colour onto ready-meals and steam-cooked products in less than 2 minutes before cooling and packaging. To finalize cooking, to colour or to brown your product, this method of heat transfer provides the same results as a salamander in a Chef’s kitchen.

This convection heating system uses an open-mesh steel conveyor to transport products. Broilers grill your food preparations from above to bake and colour them. Offering high precision and stability, with a maximum temperature of 800°C, the heating power can be adapted to your product.

A convection oven using static air for the most appetizing products

The ConVec – Convection tunnel oven applies dry heat by using static air. Unlike hairdryers, which are designed to remove moisture by blowing hot air, convection broilers in static air prevent your product from dehydrating.

Your food product therefore does not lose any weight at all during the cooking process. Broilers in static air eliminate the need to add wet steam to compensate the loss of moisture. So even after having warmed up in a microwave, your food preparation still looks appetizing like a fresh oven-baked product.

The distance between the broilers and the conveyor can be set up to adjust the degree of browning or colouration according to the requirements of your product.

Multiply the flavours of your preparation by adding herbs, spices or seasonings during the burning process.


  • Available widths: 600, 1,000, 1,200 mm
  • Broiler grills
  • Electric heating
  • temp.: 800°C
  • Metal conveyor

Extra modularity: we set up your perfect convection tunnel oven

The ConVec technology is manufactured in the form of cooking modules. The cooking modules are assembled to each other according to your needs to build the exact tunnel oven you require. This extra flexibility also makes it possible to combine different methods of heat transfer or to add specific modules to cool down the product’s surface.