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MIWE ideal B

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The classic making bakers' lives easier worldwide. The deck oven for artisanal bakers.

MIWE ideal B


Heating gas circulator with static baking atmospheres. With four or five oven decks and up to two heating circuits. Heated with oil or gas. Impresses with exceptional baking properties and subtle control functions. Ideal for baking the entire product range, from heavy rye breads to small wheat rolls.

Its ergonomic advantages

In the MIWE ideal B, the power unit is at the base. As a result its (up to five) oven decks are ergonomically placed at an optimal height for manual loading.

Superior steam technology: MIWE atmo-jet®

The water is transformed into tiny droplets using compressed air before it is fed into the steam device. That creates high-pressure saturated steam particularly efficiently and rapidly for optimal product quality and best sheen.

Energetically convincing

The MIWE ideal B helps save energy costs. Optimal heat transfer and the heating circuits, with individual temperature controlled and individually switchable heating circuits, and the savings effects of MIWE atmo-jet®, lead to an exemplary energy efficiency.

For genuine stone-baked bread

In the MIWE ideal, baking is done on a stone slab. That is why the bread baked in it can be called "stone-baked bread". Optionally, we also offer oven decks completely lined with stone or steel slabs.

Making a lot of things easier: draw-plate oven decks

On request, we offer the MIWE ideal B with up to two self-supporting, stable draw-plate oven decks. Because we want to make baking easier.

Everything under your control

Optionally with the fixed program control MIWE FP or with Touch Control MIWE TC with product images and visual user interface, simple, intuitive entry of baking programs, with easy and professional mode. Possible at any time: manual interventions or completely manual baking.

Durable – yet highly flexible

MIWE ideal B can be used with low ceilings and is installed on a stable, self-supporting base frame. That is an advantage, and not just for loading. It allows the oven to be moved later at any time. Did we mention that the MIWE ideal B can be activated on three sides for optimal space utilisation?