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AllroundSystem ARQ

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The space-saving system for baking and roasting

AllroundSystem ARQ


Optimal air circulation and air volume ensure a uniform product. Operating temperatures are reached quickly and maintained at a constant level thanks to efficient system isolation.



Consistent product results

The horizontal air recirculation, the return suction and

the air volume adjusted to the product guarantee consistent

and always reproducible production results.


High loading capacity

Thanks to the horizontal air circulation, all products, such as baked sausage meat in various moulds, with minimum vertical clearances (min. 5 cm above the product) can be loaded onto the oven trolley. The systems therefore offer a maximum loading and product capacity.



The system’s energy supply is selected so that the set values can be rapidly achieved. The cabinet insulation maintains the operating temperature over a long period. Short process times thanks to exceptionally high quantities of circulating air lead to a lower weight loss and therefore to a higher production capacity.


Good to know


Universal high temperature system with alternating airflow

Possible processes

cooking, hot air finishing, browning

roasting and baking

Air systems

Individual fans for each trolley place


Automatic interior cleaning


You can watch the video about this machine using this link