SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill
  • SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill
  • SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill
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SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill

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The ideal conduction cooking system for searing and cooking boneless products.

SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill
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A turn-key conveyor oven with all the specific features to give a homemade look and taste to your food products

Our SPC 4 – Continuous contact grill is a continuous oven of 1 or 2 meters long that uses the ConDuo cooking technology. This heat transfer method uses double contact cooking from the top and the bottom simultaneously. Your product is actually grilled, seared or cooked between two heated Teflon belts by conduction, as if it were between two frying pans.

Conduction cooking gives a homemade appearance and more authentic results than microwave ovens. Direct heat will perfectly brown your bacon strips, patties and chicken breasts!

Ease of use and accuracy for perfect and uniform cooking

By using our SPC – Conveyor oven, the core temperature is quickly and uniformly increased by maintaining an equal product thickness. This method of heat transfer is very powerful and exceptionally efficient for searing and browning.

The SPC 4 is a very accurate and stable double contact cooker. The same temperature and conditions are maintained throughout the different production stages. The distance between the heated belts, the cooking time and the temperature can be adjusted and configured. All the parameters and settings are saved in our latest generation HMI.