The new FlexiChef®
  • The new FlexiChef®
  • The new FlexiChef®
  • The new FlexiChef®
  • The new FlexiChef®
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The new FlexiChef®

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Smart cooking. smart cleaning

The new FlexiChef®


High performance – redefined.

Tender beef goulash in thirty minutes, delicious risotto in seven minutes* and then clean the skillet in two minutes only?** Sure! It's no problem for MKN's FlexiChef®. This multi-award winning equipment lets you cook, fry, deep fry or cook at high speed all in one appliance. It optimizes the complete cooking process and sustainably increases your efficiency!

Step into a bright new future with FlexiChef®!


High speed – redefined

Achieve your goals faster with the FlexiChef®


Cleaning – redefined

SpaceClean® is the first and only automatic cleaning system for skillet pans

Cleaning by hand was yesterday.

Now it's time for SpaceClean®

Manual cleaning is a thing of the past. Automatic intermediate cleaning in 2 minutes only – without chemicals! SpaceClean® revolutionises time management and hygiene standards in professional kitchens.


Hard water – No problem at all for the FlexiChef® now!

Our new "care & protection" function including systematic descaling extends the working life of your FlexiChef®. It can be used anywhere without requiring a water softening unit (up to 25 °dH). And what's even better is that the FlexiChef® itself reminds you about the next descaling process.


User comfort – redefined

MagicPilot® – The FlexiChef® operating system!

Large display. Fast. Intuitive.



The operating system which functions as simply and intuitively as your smartphone.

Its intuitive and simple operating concept MagicPilot® makes the FlexiChef® as easy to use as your smartphone or tablet at home. The FlexiChef® is equipped with a large, clear 10 inch display which is not only robust in design but also really easy to clean. So, you can enjoy cooking and definitely stay more motivated.

High intelligence – redefined

The Guided Cooking concept

Your navigation system through the cooking process

Culinary excellence made simple


Do you have to deal with constantly changing personnel and a shortage of trained staff, yet still produce the same top food quality under time pressure every day? This is a major challenge facing many professional chefs day in day out! The FlexiChef® offers you the perfect solution - the MKN Guided Cooking concept. The navigation system directs the user through the cooking process and guarantees consistent food quality at all times. This intelligent technology enables even untrained users to gain access to the head chef's knowledge. Discover FlexiChef® and MKN Guided Cooking now and enjoy the benefits of reliable smart technology in your kitchen.


Multifunctionality – redefined

FlexiZone®. The freedom of cooking.

Would you like to prepare an entire menu simultaneously in one skillet pan? It's easy thanks to FlexiZone®. The pan base can be divided in up to 3 zones.Temperature and time are individually controlled for each zone (for frying). This saves space, time and energy.


The new FlexiChef®

The economic boom for your kitchen!

The new FlexiChef® has a beneficial effect on the overall costs in your kitchen. Discover efficiency which pays off and makes your business more profitable and competitive. Convince yourself now!

The MKN cloud solution

Safe. Practical. Efficient.

Appliances can be connected using smart technology. MKN's cloud solution "Connected Kitchen"creates new methods of communication in professional kitchens. Internet connection included. And with maximum data security provided by a reliable partner - Telekom.