Double-conveyor blancher AQ deep
  • Double-conveyor blancher AQ deep
  • Double-conveyor blancher AQ deep
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Double-conveyor blancher AQ deep

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The AQ deep double-conveyor blancher is designed for the heat treatment of a wide range of products whose fine structure requires minimizing the mechanical influence in the blanching or cooking process.

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Unlike a drum blancher, where the product is blanched in a one-way mixing and rolling process, as well as a screw blancher, where the product passes through a working chamber by means of a screw, while in a belt-type blancher the product lies motionless on a conveyor belt and is processed without damaging its surface.

Blanching (from French blanchir) is a method of cooking vegetables, fruits or meat. By blanching, the meat remains juicier during further heat treatment. Furthermore, this method of heat treatment is used to facilitate the removal of membranes. For fruits and vegetables, blanching is used to remove the skin of fruits that are too stiff or too thick, such as tomatoes, peaches, apricots and the like. Due to the short-term effect of higher temperatures, vitamins, taste and color will be preserved in the food, but microorganisms will be destroyed, which could cause their spoilage during subsequent preservation. This will preserve the higher quality of the food, for example, frozen vegetables have a fresher color and a more pronounced taste. Some crops (spinach) lose their undesirable aftertaste.

The conveyor-type blanching, cooking and cooling equipment is a high-quality professional device that works continuously (uninterrupted) with low energy consumption.

The processed product is undamaged, it retains all the beneficial substances, vitamins and nutrients. The advantage of the device is its versatility with a wide range of uses. The device can be configured to process different products (depending on the type of processing and the type of product):

• Soft seafood, such as mussels without armor or shrimp
• Different types of pasta
• Vegetables
• Mushrooms
• And many others
A simple control system leads to minimal operating requirements.

Easy maintenance

All parts of the blancher can be easily disassembled for cleaning or maintenance. All other elements (storage tanks, filters, etc.) are located at the optimal distance from the blancher. This allows staff easy access for cleaning, inspection and maintenance purposes.

Adjustable belt speed, versatility and fast food preparation

The speed of the conveyor belts can be adjusted based on the time required to heat the product and the desired result of the final product. The bins can be used to prepare different types of products simply by adjusting the power. Thanks to precise temperature control, you get a quality final product that retains its taste, color and aroma.