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With an OctoFrost™ cross-flow water system, the high volume of filtered and recirculated water showers over and through the product.

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Natural Appearance
The full control over the blanching temperature and time in the OctoFrost IF Blancher preserves the natural color and texture of the blanched products. This is possible due to the rainshower technology and the cross-flow water system.

Energy Efficiency
The water in the OctoFrost™ IF Blancher is heated by means of direct steam injection, which is absorbed completely into the water. Due to the recirculation system, very little steam is needed to reheat the water translating in maximum energy efficiency. A 30% to 40% reduction in steam consumption can be achieved when compared to traditional steam blanching technologies because there is no escape of the steam when reheating the water.

High Yield
Blanching temperature control is a key element to preserve high production yield. With the OctoFrost IF Blancher, the blanched products don’t become mushy or soft, helping the processor to increase productivity.

Food Safety
The OctoFrost™ IF Blancher has been designed to exceed all international regulations on food safety and hygiene. Every part of the blancher which comes in contact with the blanching water can be cleaned by CIP (Cleaning-In-Place).

With the OctoFrost™ Flash Impingement (FI) technology, the blanching time is reduced to a minimum, preventing over-blanching and reducing time and energy consumption. The user of the OctoFrost™ IF Blancher has absolute control over the blanching t° and time.

Optionally, the OctoFrost™ IF Blancher can be fitted with a second temperature zone to reduce temperature in the final blanching stage for delicate products, which are prone to over-blanching.

With an OctoFrost™ cross-flow water system, the high volume of filtered and recirculated water showers over and through the product and immediately exits through the side of the blancher. The water then re-enters the heating tank and due to the high volume of water in the system, the temperature drop (delta T°) is maximum 3° C. The water flowing through the OctoFrost ™ IF Blancher has the correct temperature in every part of the blancher.

Rainshower System
The rainshower system guarantees quickest heat transfer, allowing accurate temperature control within 0.2°C of the set temperatures. The water falls gently over the product by means of gravitation only, therefore product quality is not compromised. Additionally, the rainshower system has a product cleaning function.


  •     Flexibility of different temperature zones to avoid over-blanching.
  •     Energy efficient steam injection into the blanching water.
  •     Cross flow water circulation.
  •     Significantly faster heat transfer due to the impingement rainshower system.
  •     High volume of recirculated water over the product.
  •     CIP system in place.
  •     Total control in blanching time and temperature variations (different sections of the blancher can be turned on or off, with the additional flexibility of speeding-up or speeding-down the belt).