Batch Blancher & Cooker PE
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Batch Blancher & Cooker PE


The cooking and blanching equipment is a hybrid 2 in 1 device which is suitable for both blanching and cooking under a vacuum.

New product


The electric cooker is applicable for cooking and blanching leafy vegetables, pickled vegetables, root vegetables, stem vegetables, dairy products and snacks as well as mushrooms, meat, fish and seafood. Batch blancher with an indirect electric heating is ideal for restaurants, catering kitchens and hospitals.

Electric cookers are available in 100 and 150 liter in a round shape, or the 200, 300 and 400 liters in a rectangular shape. 

All the main structural elements of the cooking bowl are made of stainless steel. The steam is produced by electric heating tubes. 

The device control panel and display elements are located on or behind the right cover. The power required for cooking vessel can be adjusted by a switch.  In case of malfunction, the safety valve prevents developing a higher pressure than the permitted pressure in the jacket. The actual pressure is indicated by a pressure gauge.


  • made entirely of stainless steel
  • Our electric boiling cookers can be built into other processing line
  • high performance
  • quick heating up
  • indirect heating is guaranteed to be nonburning
  • the dual safety system and the built-in water level regulator ensure harmless long-term operation
  • The power required for cooking can be adjusted by a 6-stage switch
  • The automatic operation of the intake and discharge valve and the pressure switch ensures the smooth operation of the electric heated element
  • automatic checking of water level with self-diagnostic feedback
  • high quality components from Europe

Optional: Mixing devices are available 


Model               GA 100 GA 150  GA 200   GA 300    

Volume L                   100              150       200       300    

Heating time

up to 20-90C (min)    40                53         59         67    

Energy (kW)            18                 24          30         36    

Electrical connection 5x4 mm2 5x6 mm2 5x10 mm2 5x16 mm2    

Weight kg                   117                127         182        190    

Operating pressure in the heat transfer space max. 0,5 bar    

Steam temperature 111 Co    

Drinking water connection ISO228-G1/2”    

Electric current 400V, 3N~, 50 Hz    

Dimensions  900x900x900 900x900x900 1350x900x900 1350x900x900  

  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Mixed