Steam Boiler / Cooker CBPS
  • Steam Boiler / Cooker CBPS
  • Steam Boiler / Cooker CBPS
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Steam Boiler / Cooker CBPS


The Steam Cooking Pot allows you to cook large batches of your signature soups, stews and pasta as well as steaming and boiling of semi-finished products.

New product


The structure with the steam jacket which connects directly to your existing steam source is insulated with mineral wool which ensures a uniform heat transfer that guarantees thorough cooking and maintaining uniform temperatures without your food burning, as is often the case in many pots. The kettle has a cone bottom with a 1/3 cover. It can be used in catering-kitchens and hospitals.

Volume - 200 liters

  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Mixed