MultiMix AutoChef 86
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MultiMix AutoChef 86

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Kettle with strong integrated stirrer and advanced control



12,1" Touch screen
The touch screen is a real industrial solution that can withstand the production environment, can be operated with gloves and is not sensitive to eg. drops on the screen.
The large size, high contrast and wide viewing angle of 170 ° make it easy to see and operate the control regardless of the person's height.
The screen responds to pressure and is therefore not sensitive to dirt or dirty fingers.

Hinged lid in stainless steel
The kettles have a hinged lid in stainless steel. All kettles with a stirrer are fitted with a practical inspection hatch and associated lid as standard.
This is used when adding ingredients while the stirrer is operating, e.g. when thickening and is indispensable i most kitchens.

By entering the desired quantity, e.g. 8 liters, and holding down a button, the kettle will tilt until the desired amount is poured out.
Then TiltBack is activated to prevent overfilling.

Integrated stirrer
The stirrer in the kettle saves both time and effort, partly because stirring can be performed automatically, but also because more stirring eases the preparation of many dishes.
The integrated stirrer makes it possible to keep the lid closed and keep the heat and steam inside. This reduces energy consumption and steam in the kitchen.
The mixer tool is always accessible and by opening the lid the contents of the kettle can be checked or ingredients added. The scrapers reduce the risk of the food burning and sticking to the kettle sides and eases the cleaning.

Up to 155 rpm stirring speed
High speed stirring can be used for whipping the content of the kettle. This function is especially useful together with the whipping tool.

  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Automatic