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Dough-band former

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The RONDO range of products includes an appropriate dough-band former for every type of dough.



Whether this involves very soft and pre-leavened bread dough or extremely thin dough – we have the right system to shape a continuous dough band to the quality and thickness you desire. The RONDO range of products also has proven solutions for processing gluten-free dough. RONDO dough-band formers offer high output, user friendliness, simple cleaning and low maintenance. The MIDOS dough-band former (Multiple Industrial Dough System) in ASTec design has a specially designed roller system which works without process flour. It has been built in line with the latest hygiene criteria.


The universal dough band former MIDOS (Multiple Industrial Dough System) in ASTec design has a special roller system for soft to firm doughs. It works without process flour and is compliant with the latest hygiene criteria.

3-roll Extruder

3-roll extruders are used for laminated doughs and other firm doughs.

Millions of bakery products are produced every day worldwide using continuous dough bands created on industrial production lines from RONDO. Whether the production process is fully or partially automated, whether laminated or non-laminated dough is processed, whether fresh or frozen products are manufactured, our customers can rely on us across the board: on the high quality of our systems and the skilled support provided by RONDO.