Provatec 760-50
  • Provatec 760-50
  • Provatec 760-50

Provatec 760-50

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The Provatec  760-50 is a high-capacity Forming- and Portioning Machine for processing up to 1'600 kg of product per hour. With a wokable width of up to

600 mm, this machine fits into any 600 mm production line for coating, cooking and freezing.

 The model Provatec  760-50 is equipped with a fully hydraulic drive system. It is microprocessor controlled and also available with a "Touch Screen" Panel.

Provatec  760-50 is a reliable machine operating worldwide for the production of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and other products; safe, easy to maintain, efficient.

Provatec 760-50
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Provatec model 760-50

  • Capacity per hour in kilograms 1600
  • Max. portioning speed in strokes per minute 50
  • Max. workable width in millimeters 600
  • Rotor width in millimeters 600
  • Motor capacity in kW 15
  • Hopper capacity in liters 250