Formax® VerTex®1000
  • Formax® VerTex®1000
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Formax® VerTex®1000

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The Formax® VerTex®1000 is transforming high-capacity processing lines with breakthrough rotary forming technology and the industry’s greatest efficiency.

Formax® VerTex®1000


The pinnacle of versatility and texture. Vertex®, a masterpiece of technology and innovation.

In addition to its high throughput, Provisur has designed the VerTex1000 to deliver superior versatility, excellent product texture and unmatched portion control. The innovations that make possible this unique combination of operating achievements also assures high-volume processors an unprecedented level of product consistency, as well as the lowest cost of ownership available.



    Servo knock-out drive

    Servo driven dual lobe pump

    XP Option (for greater operating speed)

    Touch screen interface

    Pivoting product hopper & servo feed screw system for easier sanitation

    Low-maintenance/easy to clean rotary drum

    Lower cost of ownership