Forming System ATM 200
  • Forming System ATM 200
  • Forming System ATM 200
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Forming System ATM 200

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The leading patty former for homestyle burgers, meatballs, croquettes and beyond



The ATM 200 is an ideal system to form home-style burgers, balls, dumplings and other formed products coming from meat, fish or vegetarian dough with the same equipment. The portioning system is synchronized with the Risco vacuum filling machine and ensures portions with an excellent weight consistency. A diaphragm head shapes the product with a diameter from 27 mm to 87 mm; an adjustable flattening belt applies gentle pressure on the product thus creating burgers with handmade appearance and diameter up to 180 mm. The ATM 200 patty former delivers a wide range of modern product with impressive efficiency in production

Main features

  • Highest production flexibility
  • Portions with an excellent weight consistency
  • Industrial level output
  • Adjustable product diameter and thickness
  • Exceptional production flexibility