Rheon Model KN-050
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Rheon Model KN-050

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Cornucopia Series Encrusting Machines




Rheon Model KN-050
Cornucopia Series Encrusting Machines

The Rheon KN050 is a compact encrusting machine making high quality products.
Suitable not only for soft texture confectionery materials such as cookie dough, chocolate creme, mochi (rice cake), but also for soft texture savory products like potatoes or minced meat.

Since yeast dough like in rolls or Baguettes is not recommended for this model, we propose the Rheon KN551 instead.

Flexible product weight, filling/dough ratio and length
The KN-050 can produce food products within a weight range between 10 to 250 g. Moreover the fully adjustable encrusting ratio allows for an individual rate of dough thickness and filling volume. The length of the end product is variable, as well.

Various forming capacities
Cornucopia KN-050 allows for a huge variety of product form: Small, medium and large spherical encrusting is just as possible as short, long and large bar shaped encrusting. Moreover, continuous cylindrical, mosaic or swirl extrusion can be chosen from.

More Features
- Control panel can be turned by 90°
- Built-in Product Memory Unit (P.M.U.)
- Machine body can be cleaned with running water


Output 600~max. 6000 pcs./h
Product Weight Range 10~250 g
Belt Speed 120~2100 m/h
Product Length Range 0~500 mm (Intermittent Encrusting)
Extruding Capacity(total) max. 280 kg/h