Automatic Egg Roll Machine (ER-24)
  • Automatic Egg Roll Machine (ER-24)
  • Automatic Egg Roll Machine (ER-24)
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Automatic egg roll machine (ER-24)

Contract price

Wrapping process as handmade
2,400 pcs/hr
65 - 75 g/pc

Automatic Egg Roll Machine (ER-24)
New product


The ER-24 can make various flavors of egg rolls with changeable filling depositors. After preparing a roll of dough belt, a maximum of 2,400 egg rolls can be made in one hour through automatic sheeting, cutting, turning, filling, folding, and rolling. The ER-24 is the ideal solution for making identical quality and tasty egg rolls that can compete with handmade ones.


  • Dimensions: 6,000 (L) x 1,000 (W) x 2,200 (H) mm
  • Power: 2.4 kW
  • Capacity: 2,400 pcs/hr
  • Product name: Spring roll, Egg roll
  • Product weight: 65 - 75 g/pc
  • Weight (net): 1,500 kg
  • Production capacity is for reference only. It'll change according to different product specifications and recipes. Specifications are subject to change without notice.


  • Suitable for different fillings.
  • Unique imitation of manual wrapping process gives fulfilled firm body to every egg roll.
  • Conducted with sanitary and safety rules.
  • Easy to assemble, clean and maintain.
  • Straight production line takes less space for your best space arrangement.