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The cooked soy milk process in the production of tofu and soy milk generally involves beans grinding, soy milk cooking, and then the separation processes.

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After cooking process, the soy milk will have high viscosity due to high concentration of soy milk and not easily to separate if using traditional centrifuge equipment. This leads to low production yield and protein waste.

Yung Soon Lih’s cooked soy milk extrusion dehydrator can squeeze the okara under high pressure, and the okara is drier than the traditional filtration method. It makes the soy milk extraction more efficient and able to extract more protein.

The dried okara is lighter in weight, thus greatly reduce the handling cost of okara.

Screw extrusion dehydrator is a kind of equipment used for coagulation and dehydration. It is mainly composed of screw, cylindrical cover and cone. The screw shaft and the output shaft of the reducer are connected by a flexible coupling. Screw extrusion dehydration is used for dehydration of high humidity okara materials.

Screw extrusion: After the okara entering the screw extrusion dehydrator through the feed hopper, the okara is compressed in volume under the action of the taper screw shaft and the reducing screw, so that the water in the okara is quickly separated through the hole-shaped filter. When the okara is continuously compressed, the moisture content of the okara gradually decreases to form the squeezed okara, which will be discharged from the machine under the action of screw conveying process.

Soybean juice is squeezed out from cooked soy milk -> separation -> okara is transported out -> heat preservation and transportation of soy milk

Typical Product

Applicable products: Suitable for the grinding and separation operation of soybeans and other types of beans. It can be used to produce regular tofu (firm tofu), silken tofu (soft tofu), fried tofu, vegetable tofu, tofu burger, tofu sausage, long-lasting soy milk, fresh soy milk, dried tofu, and tofu pudding.

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