HOJA burger, rissole and meatball production lines
  • HOJA burger, rissole and meatball production lines
  • HOJA burger, rissole and meatball production lines
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HOJA burger, rissole and meatball production lines

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·        You are looking for a contact fryer or a complete contact cooking line to make products with an authentic home-made look and taste?

·        You want to supply better quality than your competitors?

·        The contact cooker should be very robust and reliable?

·        And you want to be able to make many different products on the same contact fryer?

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HOJA burger, rissole and meatball production lines


HOJA contact cookers and turn-key contact cooking lines are the answer. HOJA DRL double circular frying machines in combination with a right size HOJA NGT multi level heating tunnel offer the best solution.

HOJA industrial frying lines offer capacities from 60-1500 kg/h or 130-3300 lbs/h.

HOJA Quality Promise: All products that you are making in a frying skillet, can be produced on HOJA contact cooking lines to the same quality,- just with industrial capacities.


Frying on cast-iron surface with an oil usage depending on the product needs and the possibility to use temperatures of up to 280°C or 540°F allows completely new potential for product development and production.

HOJA DRL contact cookers can run with just an oil film of 1µm or 0,004” or oil level of up to 15mm or 0,4”, just as your product needs or your customers want.

HOJA frying pans are made from constantly further developed cast iron alloy, tested for food contact safety by KIN Germany.

A natural fried appearance with different golden brown shades are unique to HOJA fryers. Create products that look smell and taste, just as mommy made them.

The high temperatures and the direct contact to the cast iron surface allow a quick surface searing and lead to high product yield.

Furthermore create the quick and aggressive heat transfer from the hot metal to the product roasting flavours that can not be achieved by other processes.

Check out our options:

recipe control, user management, tele-maintenance, process data recording etc. 


Use HOJA burger lines for the original "mother made" taste.


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HOJA Industrial frying lines:

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