Dropping machine MIMI 300
  • Dropping machine MIMI 300
  • Dropping machine MIMI 300
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Dropping machine MIMI 300

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MIMI 300 is particularly suitable for small companies in the pastry, bakery, catering, self-service (Ho.Re.Ca.), agritourism, family production units, organic sector and gluten-free and non-carbohydrates.

Dropping machine MIMI 300


Despite the fact that it has so small dimensions, the MIMI 300 can be compared to the larger models of our range.


  • New 7 “Touch Screen with storage function of over 200 recipes
  • Possibility to create new programs and to modify existing ones at any time.
  • Dosing at variable speed.
  • Hopper and hopper 2 IN 1 easy to assemble / disassemble and wash
  • Feeding Automatic Trays to the millimeter with adjustable speed even in the loop.
  • Automatic height adjustment table height.
  • Compatible with gluten-free and no carbohydrates.
  • Molds and accessories in materials suitable for food use
  • Stainless steel structure AISI 304.
  • Safety systems complying with current regulations.
  • Low consumption