RH type heat mixer
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RH type heat mixer

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This product USES the general relay as the main control element, and sensors and other sensing elements constitute the control unit of the machine, making the system simple, stable and easy to maintain.

New product


The thermocouple temperature is controlled by thermocouple, temperature controller is controlled, and temperature is stable.
Can be equipped with quantitative cylinder parts, apply to the larger viscosity fluid, through quantitative secondary pressurized cylinder, improve product productivity, at the same time can also be used to quantitative cylinder (i.e., volume quantitative), plus the length of the original quantitative, implements to volume quantitative and quantitative double length options.
You can choose the distribution membrane organization. Suitable for large viscosity fluids.
You can choose the printing mechanism to mark the production date of the product on the product.
Main technical parameters
Packaging film width: 160 ㎜
Air pressure: 0.6-0.7 Mpa.
High thermal tube center: 950-1050 ㎜
Thermal pipe diameter (outside) 48, 46 ㎜ phi (optional)
Quantitative accuracy: 10 g.
External dimension: 1500x500x1300 (without quantitative cylinder)
1630x500x2200 (with quantitative cylinder)
Heating tube power: 500W (heat)
160W (printed word)