Atmospheric honey dehumidifier HDM
  • Atmospheric honey dehumidifier HDM
  • Atmospheric honey dehumidifier HDM
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Atmospheric honey dehumidifier HDM

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This honey dryer is used for drying and mixing honey, it is a high-performance solution for thoroughly mixing honey while simultaneously removing excess moisture.

Working volume up to 50 l

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The specially designed spiral design creates the largest possible surface for heat exchange and ensures rapid moisture removal, and occupies little space.

The large heat exchange surface in a compact design is due to the special shape of the mixer. Evaporation of water takes place continuously on a large surface, which ensures fast and efficient drying of honey.

The mixing is carried out at the same time as the drying in order to evenly control the humidity of the whole part of the honey in the equipment. The special shape of the mixer allows efficient mixing of the different types of honey to form a mixture.

Filtration system.

If it is necessary to filter the honey, it can be pumped through an external filter or the built-in filter can be supplied. The working body may be partly made in stainless steel or perforated.

If you need to heat the product intensively or need crystallized honey, the HDM equipment comes with a heating jacket to connect to a system with external hot water or an internal heating source.


  • Universal application - one unit performs mixing (mixing, homogenizing), removing excess moisture and, if necessary, filtering.
  • It's economical. Efficient design allows all processes to be carried out with minimum energy costs and time.
  • Low costs and low maintenance costs, minimum energy consumption.
  • It's compact. The device has the largest possible heat exchange area in a small space.
  • It's hygienic. The HDM is designed for convenient cleaning and maintenance. On-site cleaning can be performed within the plant itself.