DLM/FS Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer
  • DLM/FS Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer
  • DLM/FS Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer
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DLM/FS Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer

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Continuous homogeneous mixing of solids with liquids.

DLM/FS Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer
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The INDAG Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer type DLM/FS is used for the continuous mixing of liquids with solid components. The solid components can have sizes up to 20 mm (spherical diameter) or be powdery. Usually, the liquid portion is the larger amount by weight. Depending on the geometry of the mixing elements, the solids can be mixed in gently or with a higher shear rate. This ensures that powders are finely distributed, and larger solid particles or granulates are not damaged during mixing. It is also possible to mix solids into foams without damaging the foams. Some examples from a wide range of applications are: Mixing of cho-colate + nuts; fruit jelly + crispies; sugar mass + citric acid powder; whipping cream + chocolate chips; cream cheese + herbs; caramel + protein powder; nougat + chocolate bark, and mixing cocoa powder + cocoa butter.

Advantages of DLM/FS

  • Very good self cleaning during CIP-cleaning
  • Homogenously mixing of small concentrations (0,1% mixing ratio); very homogenous mixing result.
  • Energy efficient mixing process
  • Mixing energy can by changed by frequency inverter
  • Temperature increase less than 1°C
  • Gentile mixing of shear sensitive products
  • Easy dismounting for manual cleaning

Technology of DLM/FS

The INDAG Solid-Liquid Inline Mixer type DLM/FS consists of a feeding zone and a mixing zone. The liquid and solids are fed into the feeding zone, from where they are transferred to the mixing zone by means of a screw conveyor. In the mixing zone, mixing elements are arranged both on the rotor and in the stator. Thanks to the special arrangement of mixing elements and feeding zone, the ingress of gases into the product is limited to a minimum. At the discharge end, the mixed product is fed virtually pressure free to the next processing stage. The mixed product either enters a buffer vessel or is fed to a pump. Both stator and rotor are available as heated versions (double-walled). The DLM/FS is perfectly suited for CIP cleaning. For machines with frequent manual cleaning cycles, and because of the easier maintenance, we recommend a machine frame with the mixer housing mounted on the „Easy clean“ carriage. Optionally, every mixer can be fitted with a double acting mechanical seal or a stuffing box seal. The DLM/FS comes in various sizes. We offer rental machines for tests on the customer’s site or at INDAG.


Pressure levels
6 bar; depending on the material‘s viscosity, the mixer itself generates a max. pressure of 0.5 bar at the discharge end.

1.4404 (AISI 316L), higher grades on request

Double acting mechanical seal; stuffing box seal

Dairy connections to DIN 11851, DIN 11864, Tri Clamp, SMS or others

Rotational speed
100 rpm to 300 rpm

100 l/h up to 7000 l/h, higher values on request

0 °C to 150 °C

1 mPas up to 10.000.000 mPas