Inline Homogenizer ULTRA SHEAR
  • Inline Homogenizer ULTRA SHEAR
  • Inline Homogenizer ULTRA SHEAR
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Inline Homogenizer ULTRA SHEAR


The high shear stationary linear homogenizer is designed for mixing, emulsifying, dispersing and grinding of thick and viscous products.

New product


The rotary pulsator works on the principle of high centrifugal force generated by the high rotor - stator speed. The homogenizing machine is equipped with a high-precision rotor/stator working head with a minimum tolerance between them, which provides much more accurate results. Inline homogenizer is used for the production and processing of thick and viscous substances like sauces, chocolate creams, oils and margarine emulsions. 7,5 kW / 15 kW.

  • Made from: Stainless steel
  • Operational mode: Automatic