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Hydro Grind® Reactor

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The Hydro Grind® Reactor is a further development of the efficient Hydro Grind® Technology.



The Hydro Grind® Reactor is a further development of the efficient Hydro Grind® Technology. In the previous version, the Hydro Grind® technology was mainly used in wet areas to create semi-solid and pasty emulsions. The further development of the Hydro Grind® Reactor now also enables solids to be crushed to the smallest particle sizes. Homogenization and grinding integrated result in a hygienic production by AK vacuum process systems for your sensitive, demanding processes and products.

The crushing of the solid parts into the finest particles results in considerable quality improvements in further processing. By using the Hydro Grind® Reactor, large amounts of solids can be converted into the finest structures. Due to the good energy transfer, the temperature in the product can be regulated very well so that sensitive products can also be processed. In addition to comminuting, emulsions can also be produced after grinding. Different process steps can be conveniently combined and mixed in a batch.

With the newly developed Hydro Grind® Reactor, AK System offers a significant expansion of the processing options for solid and semi-solid products.

In combination with the patented Hydro Grind® technology and the further developed Hydro Grind® Reactor, complete processes can be completed in one system. The result is a hygienic production chain.

Each production batch can be tracked identically. Energy saving also plays a major role in solids grinding. Simple cleaning and drying of the system results in additional advantages when using it. A fully automated raw material feed simplifies the flexible use of a system.